Hi I'm Monica Munoz.
Project Coordinator
at Smith Mandel &
Nice To Meet You!


Pasadena Community College
A.A. Business Administration




I coordinate the work flow throughout the office. I work closely with the Partners to ensure client deadlines are met. I am responsible for overseeing all information that comes in our office. I process tax returns for corporate and individuals, organize and scans client source documents. I provide administrative support to for the office and oversee bookkeeping functions for client accounts. I feel that my time at Smith Mandel has educated me more in the tax field to provide that personal touch to clients. I am inspired by a positive attitude and determination, I internalized a phrase I heard often during while growing up, “If I don't know how, I can always learn”.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things:

My favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla.
I root root root for the Los Angeles Angels.
I love to go on long walks for exercise.
My favorite TV channel is HGTV,
my favorite food is pasta, and my favorite
movie is The Notebook.

Contact Me!

(818)-556-4000 (ext. 108)


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